A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

Landscaping and Shaping

Ashley Harden and Sons uses the most modern and hi tech equipment from Steelwrist Tiltrotators and Dooson Excavators on all landscaping and shaping projects.

Our clients have been overwhelmed with the speed and efficiency with which our machines and their specialist equipment can carry out tasks such as shaping golf courses, landscaping in tight and confined spaces and creating unique, aesthetically pleasing finishes to all projects such as caravan parks, golf courses, nature reserves and areas of environmental interest.

We can undertake any landscaping task with maximum efficiency and precision utilising our specialist excavators which can save our customers time and money overall by the end of their project. Different landscaping tasks we undertake with our machinery may include, but are not limited to:-

  • Golf course construction
  • Hedge banks/hedges
  • Driveways and lawns
  • Soil preparation for turf/seeding
  • Ponds and lake construction
  • Nature trails and footpaths

We have undertaken landscaping projects for clients which have included reinstating construction sites by building lawned and plantable areas incorporating raised flower beds. We have also constructed 9 hole golf courses that have incorporated areas of trees, sand bunkers and fairways, shaped banks and batters at local fisheries and nature trails at holiday sites, including caravan parks and retreats.

With specialist equipment on our plant machinery we have carried out landscaping tasks in woodland areas of protected trees and shrubs and laid wood chipped paths to create child friendly nature trails and outdoor play areas.

Here at Ashley Harden and Sons - Specialist Excavations, we are very proud of the name and reputation we have built up amongst clients in Wales and other areas of the UK for being a reliable and affordable landscaping contractor which delivers clients’ needs on schedule and within budget.

For more landscaping and groundworks including paved area construction and decking/fencing for your green area/gardens, head on over and visit our Groundworks page for more information or Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Specialists in Reinstating and finishing works

Reinstatement should be done once and done well

As specialists in reinstatement, we have become established as one of the most trusted and respected names in our field. We've been working hard to set ever higher standards of reinstatement service for clients in the public and utility sector throughout England and Wales.