A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

Road and Driveway Construction

Alongside our specialist excavation services and tieing in nicely to commercial and domestic groundworks for a range of customers, we also offer a full service on all types of road and driveway construction. We can work closely with you from excavation to road preparation through to final completion of your road project.

Our company has worked on many roadway, driveway and public access routes across our years of business which has included contracts such as Asphalt and Tarmacadam laying, Kerbing and Edging works, block and flag paving plus general roadworks for new or existing car parks and roads whether this is on new projects or redevelopment projects.

Not only do we undertake all phases of road construction and preparation but we are also able to undertake smaller tasks such as Tarmac Repairs and the re construction of new layouts for existing car parks, roads and access routes working alongside clients and their respective aides such as architects and project leaders.

On any groundworks project of this kind we are also capable of installing items such as railings, handrails, car park bollards, restriction barriers and much more which saves our clients further costs in bringing in extra contractors on the project.

Existing or New Roadway developments.

If you're looking to re-develop an existing road, car park or carriageway we are able to use our tiltrotator equipped excavators in the removal of the existing old surface and digging for new drainage, utilities and sub-base work to be carried out at the same time which again, reduces the amount of contractors on site and ensures that those brought in to lay new utilities such as telephone, internet, water or electric services can arrive on site and get straight into the work that is required without them having the task of starting to excavate the required area of land.

If you're after a road preparation contractor who can offer the following, don't hesitate to Contact Us with your requirements anywhere in the UK.

As we are a Groundworks company that offers the full range of services, we can also ensure the roadway project is also seen through the very final stages including landscaping and shaping of new hedge banks, fencing, lawning and even to coloured decorative gravels being laid.

  • Asphalt & Tarmacadam Laying
  • Road & Car Park Development
  • Road Highway Preparation
  • Excavation and Reconstruction
  • Concrete Ramps and footpaths
  • Bollards and Posts plus restriction barriers
  • Kerbing, paving and edging works
  • Landscaping, shaping and finishing works

Specialists in Reinstating and finishing works

Reinstatement should be done once and done well

As specialists in reinstatement, we have become established as one of the most trusted and respected names in our field. We've been working hard to set ever higher standards of reinstatement service for clients in the public and utility sector throughout England and Wales.