A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

Site Clearance

Ashley Harden and Sons provide site clearance service for a range of sites including construction sites, solar parks and many more areas.

We can undertake the full range of site clearance on any project including the organisation of plant machinery, lorry tippers and a range of plant machinery with specialist grabs to ensure site clearance is done quickly and with minimum hassle.

Our range of site clearance tools and on site screening services have many advantages to our clients including cost cutting measures deriving from the employment of efficient on site screening. We are able to reduce cost to clients by reusing materials like soil, clay and hardcore on areas such as on site roadways which in turn means that our clients are able to make savings by not having to provide extra landscaping materials such as soil and hardcore for paths and roadways/track ways.

Using our new fleet of plant machinery and specialist tiltrotators we are also able to effectively stockpile reusable materials which not only enhances the tidiness, cleanliness and safety of sites but helps in the screening process.

We have assisted many clients in utilising screened excavated material on other areas of their sites: soil, clay and hardcore has been piled into separate stocks ready to be resold onto local farmers or businesses, thus increasing revenue for our clients on their projects.

Our site clearance services have been used by many clients including on car park projects in Pembrokeshire, forestry and land reclamation in Ceredigion, roadway and highway works in Carmarthenshire, solar park site clearance in Somerset, and caravan park pad construction in Yorkshire.

Our site clearance services include:-

  • Excavators with specialist attachments - grabs etc
  • 'Muck Away' service
  • Roll on Roll Off bins - 20 - 40 yard bins
  • Wood Shredding, Timber Chipping
  • Crushing and Screening Service

Specialists in Reinstating and finishing works

Reinstatement should be done once and done well

As specialists in reinstatement, we have become established as one of the most trusted and respected names in our field. We've been working hard to set ever higher standards of reinstatement service for clients in the public and utility sector throughout England and Wales.