A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

Emergency Excavator Callout

A Harden and Sons - Specialist Excavations, in most cases can provide 24 hour emergency callout with our specialist excavators to respond to serious and important emergency jobs. Whether you're a business or agency responding to emergency environment jobs and tasks or are in urgent need of small to medium excavators to assist in making any emergency safe or even just requiring a 360 digger to speed up your Emergency Response on site, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you. 

On any emergency response task we are given, we will always ensure safety is at the forefront of any decision to attend the task in hand. If, in extreme cases the weather conditions will hamper safe delivery and transportation of our plant machinery, we will work with you to strategically come up with the best plan to get to your area safely. 

We have previously supplied large industrial clients on emergency spill response and environmental clean ups working alongside those at the Environment Agency.

As a Specialist Excavation company based in Pembrokeshire - West Wales, our response times to areas in England, Scotland and North Wales will be sometimes slower than work near to our base. We do always have diggers and plant machinery around the UK and if we are able to, we will work with current clients to see if we can attend your callout promptly. 

Please Contact Us for more on our 24 Digger Emergency Callout service.

Specialists in Reinstating and finishing works

Reinstatement should be done once and done well

As specialists in reinstatement, we have become established as one of the most trusted and respected names in our field. We've been working hard to set ever higher standards of reinstatement service for clients in the public and utility sector throughout England and Wales.