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Land drainage is crucial in todays ever changing climate, whether in the golf course, sports pitch, domestic or agricultural environment. Ashley Harden & Sons Ltd can design and install a drainage system to suit you requirements of the existing conditions of your ground and set budget. Using our encgon equipped excavators we are able to install drainage systems in wet ground causing minimum damage and disruption to your land. From herringbone drainage systems for draining wet agricultural land and horse menages to domestic soak away french drain systems to commercial attenuation tanks. 

Ashley Harden & Sons have the knowledge and equipment to deliver a professional service to deadline and within budget. Utilising latest technology in dual grade lasers working to falls and grades with our excavators and plant is made easy as we are of the opinion that the more accurate you are then the more you can keep costs under control.

Why Specialist Contractors Matter.

We are specliasts in land drainage and whilst cheap may seem better. There is a lot to fact in. For example digging out too much material can prove time consuming and costly especially if you are using more aggregate and materials to put back into the drainage system than you need. Having the correct equipment for the job is also crucial.

Specialist Plant and Digger Machinery

This is why our Large excavators come with a range of buckets and attachments for drainage including tile drain buckets, v ditching buckets, tilting grading buckets and our mini excavators are equipped with engcon tiltrotators ensuring you that the reinstatement of drainage works is completed to the highest standard and with speed.

The Land Drainage Systems We Specialise In Are:

  • Horse Menage Herringbone Systems
  • Agricultural Herringbone Systems
  • Agricultural Ditch Excavation And Cleaning
  • Lagoons And Ponds
  • French Drains
  • Sports Pitch Drainage Systems 
  • Golf Course Drainage Systems And Soak Aways
  • Domestic Soak Aways
  • Domestic/Commercial Storm Water Attenuation Systems
h5>Need to find out more or ask questions about drainage?

If you have an existing method of ground drainage or you are looking to install one. Get in touch with us via phone or email to enquire into possible options. Site visits are always worthwhile on these kinds of jobs to ensure the right methods of work are factored in. Contact Us