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2.7 ton Mini Digger Hire Pembrokeshire - Ideal for home projects

We're always pleased to be able to serve our customers on our doorstep in Pembrokeshire. As a family run business, although we've been involved in many large commercial projects around Wales and the UK. We always like to be able to serve the clients that got us to where we are today. 

Solar Park Reclamation Contract in Cardiff

We recently won a new land reclamation and remediation contract taking us away from our base in Pembrokeshire to the welsh capital of Cardiff. As a specialist excavation company that pride ourselves in the land and groundwork we carry out, to win another solar farm contract was great news to us.

Flail Mowing and Hedge Cutting Contract

We recently undertook a new contract at the end of the Summer 2017 for new clients at the Puma Energy refinery in Milford Haven. This new contract saw us undertake flail mowing and hedge cutting on the fuel refinery site plus using a 6 tonne excavator on hire from ourselves.

Solar Park Reclamation

Ashley Harden & Sons not only provide groundwork services for the construction of solar parks but we also specialise in the reinstatement and reclamation of solar farms constructed by other contractors throughout the UK. We have constructed and tidied farms across England and Wales.

We offer a full solar park maintenance and Landscaping service. Our past clients have requested works such as:-

Reinstatement of site roads left in unusable conditions

This requires any of Our fleet of excavators with Steelwrist tiltrotators to rake through the aggregate used to construct the road to form level base. We then top up any ares of the base layer that may need extra aggregate. Once rolled to compaction we then apply the final layer of 40mm-dust type one sub-base at 100mm thick to insure tracks are suitable for all technicians/visitors vehicles that need access to site. Some sites require completion of road construction that involves excavation, removal of topsoil, terram membranes installation and then laying of aggregates.

Using our excavators equipped with Steelwrist tiltrotators with highly skilled operatives and low ground pressure dump trucks or tractors with dump trailers on hire to you also, we aim to find a solution to your issues with minimising disruption to an already troubled site.

Reinstatement of trenches/ rows between solar panels

For reinstating the field where the solar pv plant is situated in we firstly carry out a survey via a 4x4 to evaluate what services are required. If trenches have not been backfilled correctly we use our team of excavators and operators to either compact trench and add more topsoil or in worst cases, excavate the top of trenches (if topped up with clay or sub-soil) and re-lay top soil as it should be left. If rows of land between panels are in need of reinstatement we carry this out by firstly using excavators with rake buckets to level areas with excessive ruts left from construction traffic.

Rake buckets also allow us to remove any stone/aggregates that have been mixed in with top soil during construction allowing the reuse of stone in the build up of any areas of un finished roads. We then dress the areas of leveled top soil with a tractor and power harrow to prepare soil for the application of seeds. The type of seed and application varies from site to site, we can offer either seed broadcasting services or direct drilling services with any specification of seed required by planning conditions.

Removal of excess excavated material and rubbish

In the past we have also been required to clear up/recycle rubbish left behind from the construction of the solar pv plant. We achieve this by sending out teams of excavators equipped with Steelwrist tiltrotators and grabs to segregate the rubbish left around site. Once the excavators have started segregating rubbish, tractors and dump trailers are deployed to collect rubbish and tip in one main areas on site.

The main tip areas are: plastics, cardboards, metal, timber (pallets).

  • The metal gets loaded into roll on roll off bins and sent away to be recycled.
  • The plastics also get loaded into roll on roll off bins and sent away for sorting and recycling.
  • Cardboard and plastics get de-bulking shredded via a dopstadt shredder loaded by excavator. The de-bulked cardboard will then be loaded also into roll on roll off skips as the shredding allows us to load skip to full capacity and sent for recycling.
  • Lastly the timber pallets that have been shredded will be loaded into walking floor atric waste carrying trailers and sent for biomass burning. Again the de-bulking of pallets allows us to load the lorries to their full potential.

Reusing leftover spoil

A Harden & Sons can also make use of excess spoil left on sites for creation of hedgebanks, ponds or using any left over top soil to spread on any areas of land that may need topping up. We carry this out by using our excavators to load material in JCB Fastrac tractors with dump trailers, transporting it to area on site where it is required. If left over spoil on site is surplus to requirements we can arrange muck away via tipper lorry from any site in the UK.

Solar Park Maintenance

A Harden & Sons uses our knowledge in agricultural contracting and applies it into our solar park maintenance service. We offer a mowing service with Flail Mower Hire that mulch the grass down to a minimum and eliminates the need for collection of cut grass.

We also use off-set flail mowers to reach underneath the panels and framework and cut heavy growth of grass underneath and excavator mounted flail mulchers to cut and clear steep or wet areas of site. If required for the tighter areas of site we can deploy smaller ride on mowers and men with strimmers to get to areas any machinery is in capable of.

Get in touch

We'd like to hear from you if you're a project manager or contractor that's in the process of constructing a PV Solar farm in the UK and need a contractor that's able to offer any of the services we've mentioned here for field reclamation. Call us or fill in our Contact Us page and we will respond to your enquiry.

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