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Woodchipper Hire

We know that when it comes to clearing land on a private site such as your garden or reclaming land that's been lost by brambles and over growing trees that it can be a nightmare to do something with the leftovers.

Hiring our woodchipper allows you to reuse the cut down garden waste and be utilised in other areas of the garden such as flower beds and plant borders. If you wish to have the garden waste chipped and removed off the site, we can carry this out for you also.

Our tractor powered wood chipper will take up to 12inch diameter trees and produce a fine chunk wood chip and mulch from brash and leaves, this is perfect material to go back onto the garden as it's nutrient rich.

Whether you've cut and cleared your land ready for chipping or you require us to cut, reclaim and woodchip for you. Our flexible and affordable prices suit a range of budgets for all garden projects.

As our machinery is more industrial than your traditional garden machinery, it can output at a faster rate allowing our insured operatives to chip and clear land more effectively.

Woodchip Removal

The chipped mulch and wood can be shot straight into one of our 14 ton dump trailers and carried off site leaving you with clean and clear land.

We carry out tree felling and wood chipping for both private and commercial clients around Pembrokeshire and West Carmarthenshire with some of our private work also being carried out into neighboring Ceredigion.

Licensed Tree Felling

We're fully insured for tree felling if required to do so and have a selection of top of the range Stihl chainsaws to work with any brash or trees along with trained operatives.

Get in touch.

If you need to hire a woodchipper in Pembrokeshire, give us a call to discuss your project. Remember. Whether your brash / trees are cut or need cutting. We are happy to help with day or weekend rates available.

Specialists in Reinstating and finishing works

Reinstatement should be done once and done well

As specialists in reinstatement, we have become established as one of the most trusted and respected names in our field. We've been working hard to set ever higher standards of reinstatement service for clients in the public and utility sector throughout England and Wales.