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A Harden and Sons | Green Energy Development

One of our latest projects has been a 110 acre development for greener energy, this being in the form of an extremely large solar park.

Our environmental work and customer base in particular, within this sector has seen a sharp rise over the last 12 months and we're only too happy to further spread our specialist excavation and groundworks aspect of the business into developing greener energy to help sustain the UK in a brighter, prolonged sustainable future.

The main areas of the project are currently consisting of trench digging, cable pulling, compound construction and maintenance plus the construction of site access roads and haul roads for both heavy haulage contractors delivering to the site with materials plus allowing plant machinery being to access various areas of the site where conditions have become a little tricky.

Alongside our own plant machinery consisting of dumpers, small to medium Doosan excavators and small rollers, we've also drafted in extra 360 excavators and workers to ensure the project meets solar park tariff deadlines for 2015. We've worked closer with all site managers, project coordinators and also the managing directors on site visits and meetings to ensure that the calender of works to be carried out is not only viable and realistic but also efficent and more importantly, keeping the safety of all those contractors and workers on site at the top of the list.

We're always expanding our environmental section of the company so if you're planning a remediation project and require a contractor and remediation excavation company to help your next job or perhaps looking to develop new greener energy projects such as windfarms and solar parks, contact us today to find out more about how we can help on your next Solar Park.