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A Harden & Sons - New Website 

We're pleased to announce, into our 3rd year of trading and the advanced in modern technology, that we've joined up with APX Solutions, a local web developer to us in Pembrokeshire to create our digital footprint on the World Wide Web. We provided them with a layout and design idea and with a few tweaks they've created our wish. 

With the web design and implementation and also the guidance and consultancy given to us with regards marketing, SEO optimisation and how we can improve our prescense on Social Media too, we're very much looking forward to increasing our customer base and keeping business local to our roots, here in Pembrokeshire with a local well trusted web design company. APX Solutions have a national customer base and we're hoping to increase our prescence greatly over the coming years. 

We can't recommend APX Solutions enough for their efficent and professional approach to our website ideas and requests and also their cost effective ideas. 

Visit their site below;

APX Solutions Web Design Company - Pembrokeshire West Wales