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JCB FasTrac 3185 joins our Agricultural Services

One of our latest company purchases has been to our Agricultural Services section of the company. The purchase of a JCB Fastrac 3185 further boosts our ability to deliver a complete package to our customers of both residential and commercial in that we have the ability to transport materials to and from jobs plus on larger sites. 

We've had a good experience of JCB tractors when hiring in machines for previous work plus working alongside past contractors in both agricultural work and also domestic projects and this along with the speed and durability of the Fastrac swayed our decision in going with the world recognised yellow and black brand. 

Compared to many of the older tractors, the ability of the Fastrac to reach 40mph ensures we make maximum use of the time on the road moving between locations or moving attachments to and from jobs where required. With many of our past experiences on average taking over an hour and a half on return, ensuring we can keep up good speed will ensure maximum productivity to our customers. 

Our new addition to the A Harden and Sons fleet will see the JCB Fastrac 3185 take up a range of trailers and attachments from ploughs to dump trailers and flatbed trailers across the range of work we undertake. 

The new tractor is already in work having been transported from our home in Pembrokeshire- West Wales, up to a current site in Shropshire where it's been moving fuel bowsers, starting land preparation for seeding and also moving a dump trailer to transport rubbish to the collection points. 

JCB Fastrac 3185 Specifications:

  • 185 hp from a 6-cylinder cummins engine
  • 36 Forward 12 reverse gear box
  • 4-Wheel drive
  • Suspension
  • Disc brakes all round
  • Trailer brake service line
  • Optional front linkage and PTO
  • Air conditioned Cab