A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

New Doosan DX Excavator

A Harden & Sons Specialist Excavations took delivery of a new crawled excavator, namely that of the Doosan DX60R.

The Doosan DX60R Crawler Excavator has a bigger engine and improved production with the addition of premium comfort and excellent reliability in the lower-mid range of Doosan Excavators. The DX60R also has reduced maintenance which ensures our costs are kept down to a minimum.

The Doosan DX60R that is now part of our Fleet of Machinery also has a smooth, refined hydraulic system, and provides reliable and consistent performance and this combined with the improved hydraulic system means better performance and efficiency for both the machine and operators. 

Another advantage of the DX60R is the Auto Idle, the engine automatically idles when machine functions are not used for four seconds or more; when the joystick or the travel function is engaged, the throttle returns to its previous position.

With the work A Harden & Sons Specialist Excavations undertake, namely the increase of groundworks and deep excavations working in close and confined spaces, the fact the DX60R has a reduced tail swing design provides greater flexibility. Additionally, the swing frame design keeps all components within the tracks, helping you work easier in small spaces.

We look forward to welcoming this into the fleet and before long more specialist Steelwrist equipment will make its way onto the line and no doubt see it fitted to the DX60R to increase company efficiency even more.