A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

New Doosan Excavator DX plus Steelwrist

A Harden Plant & Sons - Specialist Excavations have taken delivery of another new Doosan Excavator plus our partnership with Steelwrist continues with the new tiltrotator X07.

We continue to build on our elite fleet of modern machinery and a solid one brand of machined plant with that of Doosan excavators. We're also pleased to have another Steelwrist toy to add to our specialist excavation range with that of the X07 Tiltrotator.

The Steelwrist X07 is a tiltrotator matched to the needs of the mid range smaller excavators and this is perfect to go on our DX63 Doosan. There are many advantages to the Steelwrist that include the X07 ability of a bi-directional tilt angle of 45° that gives the X07 a superior blend of flexibility, power and precision.

Our new Doosan DX63 also features the XControl system from Steelwrist also allows us to get the full potential from the tiltrotator that in tern, is passed onto our clients with maximum efficency. This can reduce man power on the ground for our clients and save on money for labouring.