A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

New Electrical Cable and Trenching Contract

We have been successful in working with local green energy companies and large contractor to secure a trenching and cabling contract for HV Electrical cable and signal cable to be laid to power solar farms.

As part of the project which will see one of our specialist excavators assigned the roll of digging trenching and ensuring trenches are safe for groundworkers to work in whilst laying and sorting HV cables and signal cables. 

We're pleased once again, to be utilising our specailist excavation machines on solar park work and taking on more trenching contracts for utility installation. Many customers are seeing the time saved by our Steelwrist tools and digging work that gives our machines the ability to outpace standard excavators with the angles our excavators can dig which saves the operator time in repositioning the machine to carry on working. 

We're always happy to undertake your project and utilities or groundworks, so if you would like a price for your work, please get in touch.