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Recent Construction and Excavation contracts in Pembrokeshire

It's been a while since our last news article and a lot has gone on.

We've carried out work on the rebuild of a leisure park and caravan park in Pembrokeshire, including demolition of existing buildings, laying new foundations and improving ground drainage systems by installing better drainage stone along with laying new levels in the ground to aid the flow of water off the surface. This was a major issue on site before with much of the lawn areas holding water and becoming muddy. We're happy to report things are now much greener!.

Other contracts have seen our Doosan DX-225 excavator working alongside another civil engineering company in Carmarthenshire on constructing a new car park and ground reinstating works. We were able to remove the existing materials and hardcore, prepare the ground for the new build of the car park along with adding extra car parking space by utilising existing land to maximise the space.

Our DX-225 excavator also has new attachments which we will bring to the website very soon!. This allows us to operate even more effectively on building demolition and recycling building materials and hardcore to reduce customer overheads on stone prices.