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2.7 ton Mini Digger Hire Pembrokeshire - Ideal for home projects

We're always pleased to be able to serve our customers on our doorstep in Pembrokeshire. As a family run business, although we've been involved in many large commercial projects around Wales and the UK. We always like to be able to serve the clients that got us to where we are today. 

Solar Park Reclamation Contract in Cardiff

We recently won a new land reclamation and remediation contract taking us away from our base in Pembrokeshire to the welsh capital of Cardiff. As a specialist excavation company that pride ourselves in the land and groundwork we carry out, to win another solar farm contract was great news to us.

Flail Mowing and Hedge Cutting Contract

We recently undertook a new contract at the end of the Summer 2017 for new clients at the Puma Energy refinery in Milford Haven. This new contract saw us undertake flail mowing and hedge cutting on the fuel refinery site plus using a 6 tonne excavator on hire from ourselves.

Sewage Improvement Works Contract Pembrokeshire

Sewage Improvement Works
2017 started the same way 2016 ended. We were pleased to work alongside D&G Utilities on the sewage improvement works in Johnston, Haverfordwest.
The project, which continued for a number of months saw us provide a range of our company services to the UK utility company who are based in Yorkshire.

From our own yard, situated just round the corner. We worked alongside D&G to provide excavators and low loader hire which ensured the project kept moving on time and on budget over their many different locations. Our DX63 digger worked on excavating topsoil and digging pits ready for the drilling rigs, provided by another UK nationwide company.

The DX63 saved D&G a vast amount of man hours on the project, especially whilst excavating the pits. With the unique capabilities of the Steelwrist, the excavator could carry out the work of many labourers whilst remaining out of harms way, thus ensuring the site and project remained as safe as possible and ensuring worker safety.

Our DX140LCR excavator was brought onto the site, a few weeks into the project to excavate open trenches in preperation for inspection and survey work. This was carried out due to the ground being unsuitable to be drilled by the ground drilling rigs and crew.

Both diggers were on hire to also construct a new site compound inside the grounds of the decommissioned sewage plant. To ensure site safety, the client also requested a new delivery area for goods inwards and site building materials plus a staff parking area, that could be fenced off away from the delivery area and area of works. As the project grew and more workers came onto site. The DX63 was used to construct new safe working footpaths for staff and visitors, this allowed complete safety to those walking around the site compound.

Due to our expanse of customer services. We were able to help out moving plant equipment and tools around the sites including the drilling rig drilling rods plus harras fencing, traffic cones and pedestrian barriers. This saved both man power and transport times for our customer and their client.

As the project faced many challenges due to drilling our excavators were put to use back filling open trenches and fixing up landowners ground after drilling machines had operated across their property, leaving a nice clean finish with no marks of what had taken place. The time taken to reinstate and carry out Landscaping on the land ensured happy local residents and land owners all round.

Both D&G and Bentley were great clients to work for and we were pleased to work on them installing the new sewage works from Johnston to Hook and as a Pembrokeshire based company, work on our doorstep will benefit many Pembrokeshire people for years to come.

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