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Site Compound Reinstating and landscaping Hereford

The final stages of a 3 month project have been completed on PPI Pipeline cleanup in Herefordshire. Following phase 1 and phase 2 of the projects being completed and reinstated earlier this year. This include land reinstatment and digging streams as per the original lay of the land including tree and scrub clearance.

We returned for the final week of works to be carried out which involved the previously used site compound being reinstated with local high quality topsoil and the removal of the firm stone base floor which was for site vehicles, plant machinery and footpaths for those working on site.

Once we had removed the stone base we prepared the ground ready for the topsoil to be delivered which allowed the land owner to reseed his field ready for harvesting products in 2015. The pipeline works were both challenging and rewarding as it was a new task for us to undertake but with our tiltrotator equipped excavtors providing us with an edge over standard machines, we were awarded the environmental clean up works.

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