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Tractor Harrow for hire added to Agricultural Services

With the new JCB Fastrac recently added to our company fleet of machinery. We now have a new harrow to the list of machinery available for hire. Along with our JPM dump trailer, the harrow will allow our landscaping and reinstating service to be even more substantial than it currently is.

When clearing your site of excavator tracks and other machinery damage, the harrow which will be fitted to our Fastrac will give us the chance to correctly prepare the soil for seed and return existing lawns or fields to their natural state.

The other advantages for areas that were previously just natural soil or scrub land is that it can be returned to a neater finish with the harrow compared to the finish that can be achieved by running digger buckets over the surface of the ground, again adding to the neat and tidy finishes we aim for on all projects.

We've already been putting the harrow to good use on soil preparation at an existing solar park we've been working on. This has meant our clients no longer have to approach multiple companies to get multiple services and we can provide a complete service from the excavation of trenches and building of access roads. Right through to final finishing touches such as new hedge rows and returning fields to their original state. Benefiting the local wildlife and views of the landscape.

You can find out more about our Agricultural Services, or Contact Us to find out more about hiring our harrow and tractor services.