A Harden Plant - Specialist Excavations

Landscaping, Hedging and Reinstating Contract Plymouth

We're proud to take on another trenching and landscaping contract for our specialist excavation side of the company, this time down in the South West of England.

With 13 kilometers of trenching required to bury electrical HV Cable and communication cables for the solar farm plus extra trenches required for CCTV cabling to ensure maximum site security after the project is completed this will ensure the Steelwrist equipped machines are kept busy for a few weeks to come. Our clients were pleased at the project strategy we put forward which showcased the exceptional and high quality work we can achieve with the Steelwrist plus attachments. Although slightly more expensive per hour over traditional excavation companies, across the duration of the contract our clients will have saved a considerable amount of man and machine hours. 

Once the trenching is complete and communications to and from site are up and running for the customers, we will start on phase 2 of the project which is to repair the vehicle damage done to the fields and side roads. Once the ground has been turned over and fluffed up ready for seeding we will take on remaking and shaping of new and existing hedge banks to blend the solar park back into its surroundings. 

We're pleased to be branching out the company to further areas of the UK especially down to Devon with this Groundwork and Landscaping work being the first we have carried out in Plymouth.